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Модификация игры: Grand Theft Auto IV
Дата выхода модификации: 23 июля 2011 г.
Жанр: Action (Shooter), Racing (Cars, Motorcycles), 3D, 3rd Person
Автор модификации: ZZCOOL
Версия игры: Любая [Multi]
Версия модификации: v6.0
Язык интерфейса: Любая
Тип модификации: Неофициальный
Таблетка: Не требуется

Еще один Car Pack для игры. Новые авто, несколько модов для реализма управление, всем машинам прописаны реальные параметры, новые звуки для авто. Пак постоянно обновляется.
Внизу есть видео на котором показаны почти все авто.

1956 Pontiac Safari Replaces:Ingor Author(S):METALman/Dan Palatnik
1959 Cadillac Eldorado Replaces:Manana Author:Boow (approved)
1965 Pontiac GTO Replaces:Peyote Author:Sashka(UA)
1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Replaces:Peyote Author:PASHA
1969 Dodge Charger R/T Replaces:Dukes Author(S):Forza 3/Smokey8808/Rob.Zombie
1969 Plymouth Fury III Coupe Replace:Virgo Author(S)Irbis/Nik287/StratumX/
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Replaces:SabreGT Author:P.A.S.H.A. (approved)
1974 Dodge Monaco Rusty Replaces:Emperor2 Author:Boow
1975 Chevrolet Caravan Replaces:Ingot Author(S)Simmons/Bruno C
1975 Dodge Dart Rust Replaces:Sabre2 Author:Boow
1975 Ford Gran Torino Replaces:Buccaneer Author DMN
1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Replaces:Sabre Author:LMaster
1983 Chevrolet Impala Replaces:Esperanto Author(S):Carface/Boow (approved)
1983 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Replaces:Marbella Author:Boow (approved)
1987 Buick GNX Replaces:Faction Author:smokey8808 (approved)
1991 Honda CRX 1.3 Replaces:Blista Compact Author: All Cash (approved)
1992 Mercedes-Benz 600SEC C140 Replaces:Fortune Author(S):Falkrum/Aleksant
1996 Buick Roadmaster Replaces:Willard Author:Schaefft/Stiopa/Lt.Caine (approved)
1998 BMW 750i E38 Replaces:Lokus Author(S):Mad_EA & AndreyM-G & The_RiPPer & $DRON$
1999 Ferrari 360 Modena Replaces:Turismo Author:Alex189
2003 Chevrolet Impala Replaces:Merit Author:^BOSS^
2003 Chevrolet Suburban Z71 Replaces:Landstalker Author(S):Nik287/Sabbath Black/L1slim/ (approved)
2003 Ford Crown Victoria FBI (Unmarked) Replaces:FIB Buffalo Author(S):Schaefft/Chasez/BxBugs123/LoneStranger (approved)
2003 Ford Crown Victoria NYPD Replaces:Police Author:Chasez/Lt.Caine (approved)
2003 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Replaces:Habanero Author(S):Deadyshka/The RiPPer
2007 Ford Crown Victoria Replaces:Admiral Author(S):Schaefft/Chasez/TheDeathsDeciple(approved)
2008 Porsche 911 GT2 Replaces:Comet Author(S):Forza 3/Smokey88
2008 Range Rover Supercharged Replaces:Huntley Author(S):FM3/Smokey8808
2009 Cadillac DTS Replaces:Washingtong Author:Bigfoot2003S
2010 Ford Taurus SHO Replaces:Premier Author(S):Forza 3/NIK161RUS
2010 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Replaces:Cognoscenti Author(S):Forza 3/Smokey88
Ambulance-V3.0X ELS Replaces:Ambulance Author:LtCaine (approved)
AMC Matador Replaces:Esperanto Author(S):Aviolina
Aston Martin Db9 2005 Replaces:SuperGT Author(S):TDU/Taurus0577
Bell 206B Replaces:Maverick Author:Smokey8808
BMW 7 Series E66 Replaces:Oracle Author:Trall,Baikal,Stiopa (approved)
Bmw M3 E36 Replaces:Merit Author:EA Games/Giorgio91 (approved)
BMW M3 E46 Coupe Replaces:Sentinel Author:EA Games/Stiopa (approved)
BMW X5 E53 Replaces:Rebla Author:Mr.Taizer/StreetER/Stiopa (approved)
Cadillac CTS Replaces:Presidente Author:EA Games/Stiopa (approved)
Cadillac Escalade Replaces:Cavalcade Author:P.A.S.H.A.
Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 1985 Replaces:Emperor Author:klarny
Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine'85 Replaces:Stretch Author:Klarny
Chevrolet Avalanche Stock Replaces:FXT Author:Tartexs
Chevrolet Blazer K5 Stock '86 Replaces:Rancher Author:Metalman
Chevrolet C10 1974 Replaces:Bobcat Author:Tiago Navochadla
Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 '67 Replaces:Vigero Author:Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights/Stiopa (approved)
Chevrolet Caprice '1991 Replaces:Primo Author(S):Pumbars/Diamas1515
Chevrolet Caprice Taxi '1991 Replaces:Taxi2 Author(S):Pumbars/Diamas1515
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 '06 Replaces:Coquette Author:Deadyshka (approved)
Chevrolet Impala Author(S):Schaefft/Lt.Caine. Replaces:Police2 (approved)
Chevrolet Impala Coupe 1959 Replaces:Voodoo Author(S):Nik287/Sabbath Black/K1slim/Gross/
Chevrolet impala Taxi Replaces:Roman's Taxi Author(S):Carface/Boow
Chevrolet Tahoe Author(S);Stiopa/BxBugs123/LoneStranger Replaces:Police Patriot (approved)
Chrysler300C Replaces:PMP600 Author:EA Games,TDU,Jetmoto_zz/Stiopa (approved)
Dodge Ram 2500 '94 Replaces:BobCat Author:SimpleUnknown
Dodge Ram SRT-10 2003 Replaces:Contender (E109) Author:All Cash (Approved)
Dodge Viper SRT-10 Replaces:Banshee Author:Deadyshka (approved)
Ferrari F430 Sound Mod Replaces:Turismo Sound Author:insano7
FireTruck-V1.4V Replaces:Firetruck Author:LtCaine/Lonestranger (approved)
Ford E-150 Replaces:Pony Author:SimpleUnknown
Ford Edge 2007 Replaces:Dilanttante Author(S):Forza 3/NIK161RUS
Ford Escort Cosworth Replaces:Uranus Author:X-Pro (approved)
Ford Mustang Fastback 302did Cruise-O-Matic Replaces:Stalion Author(S):Eden Games/RR_LXD/SDK_DDT/RR_LXDS
Harley Davidson FLSTF Fatboy Replaces:Bobber Author(S):Olegator/SabbathBlack/GTAMotors.RU
Hummer H2 SUV Replaces:Patriot Author:Full Drive 2/Stiopa (approved)
Infiniti G35 Coupe v1.Replaces:Intruder Author:Crime
Kawasaki Z1000 Replaces:PCJ600 Author(S):X-Pro/Gus (approved)
KTM EXC 450 Replaces:Sanchez Author:Palaz93
Lamborgini Murcielago LP640 Replaces:Infernus Author(S):Forza 3/Smokey8808 (approved)
Lexus IS300 Replaces:Sultan Author:xxGUFxx
Lexus LX 570 Replaces:MiniVan Author:VITYYY
Mercedes SL65 AMG V1.1 Replaces:Feltzer Author:Deadyshka (approved)
Mercedes-Benz C32 //AMG 2004 Replaces:Schaefter Author(S):Forza 3/arvid11
Mitsubishi Galant8 VR-4 Replaces:Vincent Author:Dimon34
Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION VIII Replaces:SultanRS Author:CHI47 (approved)
MTA New York City Bus Replaces:Bus Author(S)Schaefft/Chasez
New Muscle Car Sound Replaces:Muscle Car Sound Author:Arbitarymobster
New NYPD/FD Sirens Replaces:Police Siren Author:LtCaine (approved) (SOUND)
NYPD Bell 412 EP Replaces:Police Maverick Author(S)SkylineGTRFreak/Coporal.Dunn
PeterBilt289 Replaces:Phantom Author:ChineseClarny
Peugeot 607 Replaces:Chavos Author:Dmitry Dolmat
Police Cruiser Dodge Charger v1.3 Replaces:Noose Author:MadManForever (approved)
Pontiac GTO 2004-06 Replaces:DF8 Author(S)Juiced 2/xxGUFxx
Pontiac Trans AM '1987 [EPM] Replaces:Ruiner Author:METALman
Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2003 Replaces:Habanero Author(S):The_Ripper/Deadyshka/Crime
Range Rover Sport Replaces:Huntley Author:van2zzz
Realistic Helicopter Sounds Mod v1 Replaces:Helicopter Sound Author:Akn9s (SOUND)
Realistic Horns v1.0 Replaces:Horns Author:SaymonX (SOUND)
Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Replaces:Annihilator Author(S)Infinity Ward/Smokey8808
Smuggler Replaces:Jetmax Author:martronn/RockStar Games (approved)
Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa Replaces:NRG900 Author(S)Jamie3D/Gogupap
Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 Replaces:Futo Author:P.A.S.H.A.
V-Rod Replaces:Hellfury Author:Dionys
Volvo S60R Replaces:Pinnacle Author:_NameLess_
Yamaha Aerox Replaces:Faggio Author(S):samizzlah/madizz/killatomate
Yankee Flatbed Final Replaces:Yankee Author:Slayermaggot

Not In The Pack Anymore:
1998 Mercedes-Benz SEL600 W140 Replaces:Shafter Author:KrazyMond (approved) (not in the pack anymore)
Better engine sound for muscle cars v1.2 Author:SpEEdSoul (SOUND) (not in the pack anymore)
Dodge Challenger 71 R/T (Stock+Tuned) [v2.0] Replaces:Stallion Author:Stiopa (approved) (not in the pack anymore)
Dodge Charger 1969 Replaces Dukes Author:EA Games/Stiopa (Berto) (approved) (not in the pack anymore)
Honda Accord Type-S AT 2008 Replaces:Chavos Author(S):FM3/9lxa/Mast (not in the pack anymore)
Hyundai ix35 2010 Replaces:Minivan Author:Toyz77 (not in the pack anymore)
Lexus IS300 Replaces:Premier Author:BARON (approved) (not in the pack anymore)
Man V8 6X4 Replaces:Mule Author:Timon (Approved) (not in the pack anymore)
Nissan200SX Replaces:Chavos Author:Tom2 (approved) (not in the pack anymore)
Rolls Royce Phantom Replaces:Cognoscenti Author:P.A.S.H.A. (not in the pack anymore)
Changelog (Beta 1)
Added Mercedes Benz E63 AMG On Cognoscenti
Added Taxi Impala On Romans Taxi
Rebuilt The Sound File Fixing A Bug
Added Realistic Helicopter Sounds
Added Pontiac GTO 2004-06 On DF8
Changelog (Beta 1.1)
Added Yamaho Aerox On Faggio
Added Porsche 911 GT2 On Comet
Changelog (Beta 1.2)
Added Mercedes-Benz 600SEC C140 On Fortune
Added Ford Edge 2007 On Dileanttante
Added New Ver of Pontiac GTO 65 On Peyote
Added Yankee Flatbed Final On Yankee
Added 1974 Dodge Manaco Rusty On Emperor 2
Added Dodge Charger Rusty On Vigero 2
Added 1975 Dodge Dart Rust On Sabre 2
Added AMC Matador On Esperanto
Changelog (Beta 1.3)
Moved Cadillac DTS From Primo To Washington
Moved Chevrolet Avalanche From Bobcat To FXT
Added Chevrolet C10 On Bobcat
Added Chevrolet Caprice 91 On Primo
Added Chevrolet Caprice 91 Taxi On Taxi 2
Added Lexus RX400 New York Taxi on Cabby
Changed From Chevrolet Camaro To Pontiac Trans AM '1987 On The Ruiner
Added EPM Press (i) While In The Ruiner/Transam To Open The Headlights
Added Volvo S60R On Pinnacle
Added Chevrolet Caravan '1975 On Ingot
Added New 4 Cylinder Sound
Changelog (Version v6.0)
Added EPM To All Vehicles That Supports It (EPM=Movable Parts)
Added Better Version Dodge Charger On The Dukes
Added Better Version Lamborghini Murcielago On Infernus (EPM support)
Added Better Version Aston Martin DB9 On SuperGT
Added Peugeot 607 On Chavos
Added New Ferrari Sound On The Turismo
Added Mercedes-Benz C32 //AMG 2004 On Schaefter
Added Realistic Helicopter Sounds
Added Realistic Horns
Added Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa On NRG900
Added Pontiac Trans AM '1987 [EPM] On Ruiner
Added Mitsubishi Galant On Vincent
Added Dodge Dart On Peyote
Added Pontiac Solstice On Ingot
Added NYPD Bell 412 On Police Maverick
Added New Mule On Mule
Added Ford Mustang Fastback 302did Cruise-O-Matic on Stallion
Added 1956 Pontiac Safari On Ingot (temporary)
Added 1992 Mercedes-Benz 600SEC C140 On Fortune
Added New Version Mercedes SL65 AMG On Feltzer
Added 2008 Range Rover Supercharged On Huntley
Added Lexus LX 570 On Minivan
Added Optional Carcols File (adds new shades to the original colors)
Added New Muscle Car Sound
Minor Vehicles.ide Edits (Parts Won't Fall Off Various Vehicles Anymore)
1. Все папки кроме папки с fix'oм кидаем в корень папки с игрой.
2. Если при запуска игры, появляется ошибка про файл .dll , то используем fix и кидаем два файла с расширением .dll в папку виндовс, систем 32.
Все проверялось на патче
1. Запустить "gtaiv_ultimate_vehicle_pack_v6.0.0.0.exe";
2. Следовать инструкциям;
3. Играть!
Перед установкой желательно прочитать файл Readme.


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