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Planets Sun Sun Sun
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Год выпуска: 8 ноября 2013
Жанр: Автосимулятор
Разработчик: Kunos Simulazioni
Издатель: Kunos Simulazioni
Тип издания: Beta
Версия игры: build 0.21.13 (3 августа 2014)
Платформа: PC (Steam)
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Немецкий, Испанский, Итальянский, Китайский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует (3DM новая) и (3DM Старая mixed)

Системные Требования:
⇛ Операционная система: Windows Vista / 7 / 8
⇛ Процессор: AMD Six-Core, Intel Quad-Core
⇛ Оперативная память: 6 Гб
⇛ Видеокарта: с 512 Мб DirectX 11 (AMD Radeon HD 7870, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660)
⇛ Свободное место на жестком диске: 12.3 Гб

Assetto Corsa – новый гоночный симулятор компании Kunos Simulazioni. Среди основных особенностей Assetto Corsa значатся современный графический движок с полной поддержкой DirectX 11, реалистичная физическая модель, официально лицензированные автомобили и трассы, воссозданные с помощью лазерного сканирования, открытая архитектура, позволяющая сообществу симрейсеров самостоятельно создавать и внедрять в игру различные модификации и многое другое.



Релиз скачан с нуля 4 августа в Steam и проверен 6 августа. Версия 0.21.13 от 3 августа 2014 В билде 0.15 и старще разработчики изменили систему защиты и старый Crack 3DM перестал работать. В раздаче новый Crack 3DM и модифицированный старый
А также appmanifest.acf для установки в лицензионный клиент Steam

Fixed Drag Race init

- Python :: exposed getCarsCount(), getCarLeaderboardPosition( carIndex ) , getCarRealTimeLeaderboardPosition( carIndex )
Now fonts are read locally and not inside system folder

Graphics performance improvements
Improvements on Font management
Linux server in server folder

GUI fixes
Replay now records the sun position
Fixed replay and Esc Menu interactions

Fixed skidmarks not visible in 0.21.8
Implemented GPU profiler with new PP engine

RaceControl Leaderboard Fixes
Mirror Aspect Ratio Fixed
General fixes on multiplayer GUI
White border on skidmarks fixed
Size of the sun reduced
Reduced noise for analogic input
Driver's name is printed higher respect to the center of the car

- Launcher: control configuration device acquisition exception handling
- Launcher default theme: minor cosmetic changes to labels

New Race Control
Server is now in control of fuel rate
Server is now in control of tyre rate
Server is now in control of damage level
AI does not flatshift cars with no autocutoff anymore
Added "transfer" grip from session to session
AI cars now try to park on the side if they have a broken engine

- Launcher: control configuration now includes assignment option for the newly implemented handbrake as axis (note: mutually exclusive with the button assignment)

Improved communication with X360 GamePad
Added password support for pickup servers
Improved Server Configurator
Server will now stop with an error if a booking session is added in pickup mode
Server will now stop with an error if cars in the entry list do not match the legal car entries in the server_cfg
Server will now stop with an error if multiple tracks are selected in pickup mode (unsupported feature)
Server will now correctly report to race lobby about the available seats in pickup mode

- Launcher default theme: adjustments to multiplayer session info/request buttons

Adjusted Traction Control assist on Lotus 98T
Added app "post process filter" to switch between different Post Processing effects combinations
Adjusted Lotus Evora S side windows

Lotus 98T ride height adjustments added
- Launcher default theme: adjustments to car listing of non-booking servers

- Multiplayer Improvements : New server version available
Multiplayer Gameplay improvements
New Post Processing Effects engine implemented
Implemented booking-less server joining
Physical Dynamic track implemented
Aerodynamic slipstream on multiplayer
Shader fixes and improvements
Time Attack fixed start with too much time
Fixed AI starting at the same time in qualify
AI improvements, better gas control and understeer detection
- New Car : Lotus 98T
lotus elise sc, exige 240R, scura, exige s roadster speedometers corrections
changes in speedometers visualization depending on UI options and car design
Tyre damping modifications for all cars
Ideal Line improvements
Improved Python Apps error handling on loading
Dynamic wing controller now use setup value as initial angle value.
Localization fixes
Time Difference displayer improved
Fixed camera triple screen & driver names
Fixes in Replay for cars with animated suspensions
Fixed "You have been sent to pits" issue
GUI forms default position not overlapping with system messages anymore & GUI Improvements
Showroom updated with the latest graphic engine improvements
ksEditor updated with the latest graphic engine improvements
Per-Car New setup option to customize Force Feedback
Disabled AI in multiplayer events
Replay size reduced by half
Fixed crew placement in multiplayer events
Virtual mirror remembers its last state & virtual mirror improvements on triple screen cfg
Fixed mirror rendering bug
Adjustable brake balance while driving, for cars that support the feature
Adjustable brake balance in the physics brakes.ini file
Brake balance working with all the control configurations
Fixed wrong time reported after Booking

- Launcher: Added KERS, DRS to control configuration screen.
- Launcher: Window now scales based on DPI of active monitor.
- Launcher default theme: Car & track listings now always default to the page containing the player's selection.
- Launcher default theme: Custom grids are now sortable via mouse drag'n'drop.

TEMPLATE_CAR_demo_V1.fbx now included in sdk/dev/car-pipeline-v1.03 . Template will be updated again next week with better example
McLaren MP4 12C GT3 corrected RPM leds in cockpit
Comments for obsolete section in physics files.

- Launcher: further stability fixes for triple-screen setups
- Launcher: launcher render size limit slider (useful for triple-screen setups) in Options > General

- Launcher: stability fixes for triple-screen setups.

Fixed wings animations in replay
Frequencies and damping ratio work for front monoshock
Dynamic wing controller now uses setup value as initial angle value
Shaders normal map improvements
KS Suspension editor. A simple editor for your suspension.ini file that gives some additional data
KS Gear Ratio editor. A simple editor that creates gear ratios from cogs

- Launcher: optimizations for ultra high resolution and triple screen setups
- Launcher: GPU memory usage limit
Fixed no collisions in multiplayer

New setting enables forms to overlap ingame
Fix to some cars in showroom
Fixed debug apps
Improved log messages for easier debug
Improvements in skybox rendering inside the cubemap
Addedd penalty in time attack for going too slow
Fixed Time Attack spawn position in some track
Added Formula K car with open physics as a template car for modders (found inside folder sdk/dev)
Added open tyre physics files from all AC cars (found inside folder sdk/dev/tyres_ac) as examples
BMW Z4 GT3 performance balance (slightly faster)
Corrected non working mirrors on Lotus Exige 240r
Corrected non working mirrors on Lotus Exige S Roadster
Corrected disappearing cockpit on M3 E92
Corrected wrong proportions on Ferrari 458 mirrors
Corrected internal glasses on lotus GTC and GX
Fixed Python lap count
Increased Setup bar animation speed
Fixed error for laptimes > 99:59:999
New Shared Memory Layout (update your application!) example on ... ence.3352/
Fixed non-ascii symbols on Setup Tab
Fixed time left showed in Basic App during practice solo session

Launcher now operates in single process mode
- Launcher: full software-only rendering mode added
- Launcher: further refinements for the steam overlay integration (requires GPU accelerated mode)
- Default launcher theme: errors while loading cars and tracks will not result in a failed load attempt, instead a list of problematic content will be displayed

Fixed acServer Linux builds

Fixed showroom crash
- Launcher: fixes for certain situations that could cause a crash on startup
- Launcher: error trapping for the control configuration dialog
- Default launcher theme: restored the upgrade icon in summary

Editor released and available as a tool for everyone
acServer bugfixing
Physics & time-related fixes
Fixed AI setup loading
Setup Debug follows the currently focused car

- Launcher: changes for better Steam overlay integration
- Launcher: fixes for certain situations that could cause a crash on exit.

Fix for certain condition that causes the launcher to hang on theme load.

Added Python example for Ingame chat

- Default launcher theme: Fix for the missing track selection images
- Default launcher theme: Fix for potential results module initialization error

- SERVER UPDATED : using a new protocol, please update your servers
Chat anti-flood
Anti-cheating system implemented
Kick user, Restart session, Skip session voting system implemented
Chat python functions exposed
Multiplayer Collisions improvements
Some CPU performance improvements
UI improvements
Race control panel in pits menu
AI Fixes
Added "display recently joined servers" filter to server list
- Default launcher theme: extra sanitization for URI-unfriendly characters in content folder paths

Fixed issue that prevented the refresh & ping buttons from being re-enabled.
Added a fallback server in case main lobby server is inaccessible to client.
- Default launcher theme: yet another attempt at fixing the car modal overlay not displaying properly on very high resolution monitors.
Server message overlays will now close when clicked.

Even longer timeout value for retrieving the server list
- Added detailed logging for connection problems to the lobby server
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2. Применить понравившеюся таблетку из папки NoDVD
3. Играть

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